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DIY: Ruffled Shower Curtain

you know you want this

don’t deny it

there’s just no point

lol i hope you’re handy with the sewing machine

clicky here to see how it’s done:))

DIY: Lampshade Makeover


DIY: Lampshade Makeover


Ruffle Pillow

I made this the other day. That.. wasn’t actually as difficult as i though it’d be.

Well, at least my grandma liked it;)

I just sewed the ruffles on the front, and then i sewed the rest of the pieces together, and that was it. lol i made it envelope style, so i wouldn’t have to use zippers or buttons. i’m lazy like that XD

here’s the tutorial on how to make envelope style pillow cases

Hi y'all, I'm Zoe.

I like chips.

And making stuff with my hands.

none of these beautiful things are mine, unless i tag 'em with 'my crafts'<3<3

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